Dwane Casey quickly solved the problem of getting to the arena Sunday. (Brad Penner / USA Today)

Sometimes, there’s only so much sports a city can handle.

On Sunday, a number of Toronto streets were closed for a marathon and traffic became snarled. Which was a problem for people trying to get to Game 7 of the Raptors’ series against the Brooklyn Nets. Unfortunately, one of those people stuck in traffic was Coach Dwane Casey, who did the only sensible thing: he turned around, returned home and hopped on the subway.

He was a hit on mass transit, with riders tweeting photos of him.

“I didn’t think anybody would recognize me,” Casey said, “but I guess the [Raptors warm-up] shirt gave me away.”

Casey said the experience was “great.” “I recommend it to everybody, just not on Game 7,” he said.