New Zealand’s post-victory “haka” dance, however, will trump every celebratory dance ever, though. (Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images)

Rugby and football have more in common than big burly men (and sometimes women) tackling each other for a ball. They also feature elaborate celebrations after a player scores. “Rugby HQ,” which airs on Fox Sports Australia, rounded up the top seven rugby post-try celebrations of all time today to prove it:

Bravo, rugby. Bravo. But… American football will see your post-try celebrations and raise you these end-zone dances.

Chiefs winger Lelia Masaga may have mimed a sniper, but the Eagles’ DeMeco Ryans mimed Scarface.


Stade’s Digby Ioane showed some skills by spinning on his hands. But the Chiefs’ Johnny Morton covered more ground with The Worm.

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Montpellier’s Rene Ranger got a little help from his friends for his breakdancing celebration, but the Redskins’ Kirk Cousins also got a big hug from his teammate.

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Fiji’s Rupeni Caucaunibuca got his shoes shined from a teammate. Meanwhile, the Falcons’ Sean Weatherspoon served himself a full meal. (And that wasn’t even for a touchdown, but for just a sack.)

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The Queensland Reds’ Quade Cooper did a cartwheel after he scored. The Cowboy’s Gavin Escobar did one while he scored.

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Alberto Valentin showed he could possibly compete in the Olympics for a medal in men’s gymnastics. But so can the Giants’ David Wilson.

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Finally, the pair of Raymond Rhule and Trevor Nyakane takes the top prize in post-try celebrations with their choreographed dance. The NFL’s got that, too, as exhibited by the Baltimore Raven’s Asa Jackson and Cyhl Quarles.

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