First-year Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford took to Twitter on Sunday to offer up some NFL draft analysis.

He then backtracked, a little.

And then addressed the quickly coalescing band of haters who had taken up pitchforks.

As a finale, he doubled down on his “spread quarterbacks are no good at NFL footballing.”

Suffice to say, Manziel’s supporters were not thrilled. Here’s Erik Burkhardt, Manziel’s agent, taking a shot at Louisville, Bedford’s previous coaching stop.

And then Manziel’s passing coach reminded everyone that the Longhorns’ defense ranked 69th nationally last season.

Tune in tomorrow, when someone else who never coached against an NFL draft prospect talks about his deficiencies and everyone gets all snippy because the NFL draft will never, ever actually start this season.

[H/T: Lost Lettermen.]