We don’t really use the term “tifo” in the U.S. as often as we should, but around the world — especially in soccer venues — it’s used all the time to mean a choreographed display of team support organized by fans. With that in mind, this tifo, executed on Sunday in support of the soccer club F.C. Copenhagen at Parken Stadium, is the greatest tifo ever:

The display depicts a canon blowing up the stadium of their rivals, Brondby, and two giant banners. The first says, “The order has been given to shoot down the enemy,” and the second reads, “Copenhagen is ours!”

Sadly for Copenhagen’s fans, though, the team had to share the city with Brondby. The two teams ended with a 1-1 tie.

The draw didn’t diminish the great atmosphere at the game, however. One local resident, Soren Elbech, who was actually at the match described it as “fantastic,” but noted the tifo wasn’t just a success because of Copenhagen’s fans.

“Although in clear minority this time, [Brondby fans] were equally important to create and keep alive the fantastic atmosphere and rivalry between the two clubs,” Elbech, a Brondby fan, said. “[I]n the beginning of the clip, you can hear the noise of the supporters. Actually, they are the Brondby supporters chanting.”

Now if only Cowboys and Redskins fans can come together in such harmony…