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Tony Romo is a jinx everywhere he goes

Don’t blame Jason Witten (at left) for the Mavericks’ loss. (Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)
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Oops. He did it again.

One of the really nice things about pro athletes is when they show up to cheer for their counterparts. Like when RGIII goes to a Wizards or Baylor game. Or Aaron Rodgers roots for Wisconsin. Tiger Woods at Stanford. LeBron James at Yankees/Cowboys/WhicheverteamishotwhenNBAseasonisover.

And then there’s Tony Romo, Jinxy McJinx. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback has had a front-row seat for losses by Duke, SMU, Wisconsin and, over the weekend, the Dallas Mavericks. It’s getting so bad that Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Mac Engel calls him the “angel of death,” not only for the team he plays for but for the team he cheers.”

Imagine what they’d call him in Washington.

SportsPickle’s D.J. Gallo chronicles the jinxes, one by sadly terrifying one. The bigger problem is that Romo as hex and meme is overtaking Romo as quarterback. Time is passing and there’s a draft Thursday with all sorts of rumors and whispers about what the Cowboys might like to do. “[U]nderneath it all is the cold reality that a position that once was held in the highest esteem is now a joke,” Engel writes. Of course, this could always change. More from Engel:

Romo has time. There is precedence but, considering all the things that have happened and the team he has around him, it more and more feels like this is what he is. Increasingly, his legacy as a player will be defined more about what he did not do than what he did.
Romo is really good. What he has done is win a lot of games, and he had a lot of fun.
And now a lot of people make fun of him.

Yes, they do.