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The Internet can’t get enough information about the Dogecoin-sponsored car that took 20th place in Sunday’s NASCAR race at the Talladega Superspeedway. Nor can fans of both NASCAR and the cryptocurrency get enough information about the Dogecar’s driver, Josh Wise.

The speedster went on the social media site Reddit on Monday night and invited the public to ask him anything. Here are some of the best questions and answers (and Reddit handles) from the session:

“Helium_farts” asked: “Did any of the other drivers comment on your car? If so what was your favorite reaction?”

Wise, aka “DogeDriver,” answered, “Did you not see the video of Carl Edwards getting zapped!?” He was referring to this popular gif:

(Via Reddit)

“Jorling” asked, “Did you ever just look at your car this weekend and just think ‘wow’?”

“Much wow!”

“Tracheal” asked, “What would your thoughts be on a full time dogecoin sponsorship?”


“TwoCatsGrinding” asked, “How has Dogecoin changed your day to day life?”

“I am addicted to reddit that would be the biggest thing!”

“Striped_Zebra” asked, “What were you thinking when you got up to 4th with 20 laps to go in the outside lane??”

“Strategy was working perfectly. even coming to the white flag I was in great position with a big run and the 18 car [driven by Kyle Busch] cut in front of me and killed momentum. I had to lift to not wreck him.”

“MrMinu5” asked, “What were the differences between this sponsorship from reddit/dogecoin vs others that you experienced?”

“Way more fun! Not so corporate.”

“NotIrrelevantYet” asked, “What do you think drivers behind you were thinking when they saw that adorable dog on the back of your car?”


“Ssslouter_” asked, “Is there any way to buy the crew shirts from the race?”

“We are working on some merch.”

“Inna_woods” asked, “What car do you drive when not in the dogecar?”

“I am about to blow your mind! I drive my wifes car that she owned since before we got married. 2007 Acura TSX :) gangstaaa. ok maybe not.”

“Ihaveabulldoge” asked, “Can you please post a picture of your helmet?”

“I might have a surprise for you all with that :) Give me a week or so..”

We’ll be staying tuned. If your appetite for Dogecoin Dogecar still isn’t sated, check out the full transcript on Reddit.