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Hockey is known for its rough-housing, but the back-and-forth antics during Game 2 of Anaheim Ducks-Los Angeles Kings series on Monday night seemed more childish than chippy.

First, Ducks forward Corey Perry pranked Kings forward Jeff Carter by surreptitiously squirting water into his glove while the two were near the benches. Carter ended up catching him, though, and Perry swiftly skated off.

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Carter shrugged off the antic, possibly because Carter and Perry are well-known buddies off the ice. But Perry would get his comeuppance when the night’s second junior-high-style shenanigan occurred. This one, however, was much more serious.

Kings goalie Jonathan Quick sucker-punched Perry in the nether-regions after the Ducks winger slid feet-first into the crease. Like Perry’s water incident, it did not go unnoticed. Unfortunately for Quick, though, it wasn’t his offseason pal who noticed, but NHL officials. Quick ended up getting a minor for roughing.

In the end, the two-minute punishment didn’t slow up the goalie. Quick helped usher the Kings to 3-1 victory with 37 saves.

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