ARLINGTON, TX – APRIL 15: Football player, Johnny Manziel hugs a friend during play between the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington on April 15, 2014 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Veteran Washington Post columnist Tom Boswell was asked by a reader in his weekly on-line chat whether Johnny Manziel reminded him of a young Michael Vick. His answer kinda stops you dead in your tracks.

And you read it here first that Boz is not a Johnny Football fan.

Here’s Boswell’s answer:

For some reason Johnny Manziel reminds me — in attitude, not facial appearance — of Johnny Depp when he plays snarky/arrogant. Manziel looks like he weighs about as much as Depp, too.

No, I’m not a Johnny Football fan. Don’t root for him to fail. But I think he’ll be more Flutie than Tarkenton. Vick is physically very tough — at the NFL level. You can’t know about a college QB’s ability to cope with NFL-level violence until he faces it — especially one built like Manziel. Maybe Manziel can do it. I wouldn’t draft Manziel unless he dropped a lot further than he will. I like athletic arrogance. It looks like maybe he just has all-around arrogance. That doesn’t usually play as an NFL QB unless you are incredibly talented. But he was considered an inspirational leader in college by teammates. So we’ll see. Put me down for “No.” But I’m wrong a lot. 

You can read the rest of Boswell’s chat, too.