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Reality TV attracts a lot of viewers, but not Rowdy Ronda Rousey. The UFC women’s bantamweight champion has a particular distaste for the FX show “The Ultimate Fighter,” which she previously starred in as a coach.

“I don’t watch ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ now that I know how much [expletive for fakery] is in it. I don’t support it,” Rousey told Canada’s SportsNet. “I used to watch it all the time. Now I won’t watch it.”

Rousey told SportsNet she’s particularly turned off by the producers of the show, who “don’t know the first thing about fighting.” She goes on:

“They only know about reality TV and they treated us like we were ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and not elite athletes that should be respected.”

While Rousey was on the show, she was portrayed as a villain who bullied Miesha Tate, the fighter who coached opposite of her during season 18.

Fansided.com suggests that perhaps it’s Rousey’s portrayal on the show, which turned the outspoken fighter’s cheers into jeers, and not an innate dislike of the show. Because, on the contrary, Fansided argues “The Ultimate Fighter” is actual good for the sport mixed martial arts:

“One could argue that without TUF, there would be no Women’s division and there may not even be the UFC. While Rousey may not be the biggest fan of the show, it has undoubtedly developed the UFC and MMA as a whole.”