Grooming is one of the perks of being one of 30 players invited to the first round of the draft. Sammy Watkins gets help from Jomo Kenyatta. (Diane Bondareff / Invision for Old Spice )

Who says the NFL is the No Fun League?

There will be movin’, there may be groovin’ Thursday night when the NFL’s first-round picks are announced at Radio City Hall. That’s because players will now be allowed to pick their walk-up song, the music that will played as they walk to the stage to have the stuffing hugged out of them by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

That news comes from the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, who drops a couple other nuggets o’ knowledge ahead of the big night.

Fans will occupy the primo seats inside Radio City Music Hall, with team tables moved back. This is going to mean that a lot of Jets fans are going to be front and center, which is always solid entertainment.