Brett Favre spends his time coaching high schoolers and, apparently, lifting weights. (Rogelio v. Solis / AP)

Brett Favre unveiled his analysis of tonight’s NFL draft and thinks one quarterback is the playmaker available.

It also happens to be the quarterback who reminds him of a “young Brett Favre.”

That would be Johnny Manziel. In a video for Sqor, Favre revealed his analysis … as well as a surprising pair of guns — perhaps the best this side of Ed Hochuli and Tim Tebow.

“I personally like Johnny Manziel as the quarterback in the draft,” he said. “I think Blake Bortles is different but is a good prospect as well. It depends on your need, the type of scheme you’re playing. But I think Manziel is probably the best playmaker in all the draft.”


This is also as good a time as any to remind everyone that the all-time greatest draft-day photo is one of Favre in 1991. No way Manziel can top this.

H/T SB Nation’s Jason Kirk