(Eric Gay / AP)

It seems like a longshot, but that hasn’t dampened speculation about Johnny Manziel, Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

For now, hours before the first round, it’s a fantasy scenario.

“For me it would be really, really cool to go there, but not something I have stuck in my head,” Manziel, who played at Texas A&M and grew up rooting for the ‘Boys, said (via Pro Football Talk). “Jerry Jones has been extremely nice to me. He’s treated me very, very well and we’ve developed a little bit of a friendship over the past year and a half, just going to games or whatever it be.”

Manziel is unlikely to be available when the Cowboys pick 16th. He isn’t likely to be there when the New York Giants pick 12th, either, but if he is, they would consider snapping up Manziel, NJ.com reports. Never mind that both NFC East teams have incumbents in Tony Romo and Eli Manning.

“If there is a quarterback up there when we’re picking at the right time, we won’t be afraid to pick him,” Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said at the scouting combine in February. “I don’t think it’s going to present itself in the first round, but we’re not afraid.”