(Photo by Scott Cook / Courtesy Rollins College)

Rollins College turned to a graduate with real-life experience when it came time to pick the outstanding graduating senior to speak at commencement.

Elin Nordegren has that, all right.

The ex-wife of Tiger Woods, Nordegren received her psychology degree Saturday, finishing with a 3.96 grade-point average nine years after she first enrolled at the school. Nordegren spoke about being a single mother of two, her interest in psychology and being something of a late bloomer. Nordegren, whose marriage to Woods ended after a nasty breakup over his serial infidelity, received over $100 million in the settlement in 2010 and surprisingly had some real-life advice to share. Now, all these years after her marriage went so publicly kaput, she and Woods have an amicable relationship along with Woods’s girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, as they raise Sam and Charlie. On Saturday, Nordegren could joke about it all.

“When I entered my student advisor office in the fall of 2005, I was 25 years old, I had just recently moved to America, I was married without children,” Nordegren, 34, told students at the Winter Park, Fla., school (via Rollins College). “Today, nine years later, I’m a proud American, and I have two beautiful children–but I’m no longer married.”

She earned great applause for that one.

Her father, her children and her billionaire boyfriend, Chris Cline, were in the audience and 4-year-old Charlie dozed on a chair during her 10-minute speech. But … back to that breakup…

“It was right after I had taken [a class in] communications and the media that I was unexpectedly thrust into the media limelight–and I probably should have taken more notes in that class.”

All jokes aside, her speech is well worth watching.