Charles Barkley, left, sits with Reggie Miller courtside in 2011. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Charles Barkley’s got a message for those who don’t like his sense of humor. “Turn off your damn televisions,” the TNT commentator said during Sunday’s NBA playoff coverage.

Barkley became an enemy of the city of San Antonio last Tuesday when he made off-the-cuff comments on the weight of the city’s “big ol’ women” and called the San Antonio River Walk a “dirty creek.” The latter even goaded a San Antonio River Authority official to release her own statement, My San Antonio reports. Suzanne Scott, SARA’s general manager, offered her own barb:

“The problem with Charles Barkley’s recent comments about the San Antonio River is that they are less accurate than his golf swing. But, we take his comments with good humor and are glad to have the opportunity to set the record straight.”

The women of San Antonio, have been less forgiving, however. Elizabeth Zavala, the digital news editor for the San Antonio Express-News, wrote in an open letter:

“You come to the Alamo City, diss the landmark River Walk like you were Mark Cuban, and then insult the city’s women, calling them heavy and judging them as churro-eating and needing to join Weight Watchers. Plus, you get your male cronies in the little TV box to laugh at your insults to the women of San Antonio.

Seriously, did you think you’d make your wife, your daughter proud? What would your momma say? Or, how about the women who run Weight Watchers? Don’t they write you a check, spokesman?

Listen, Round Mound of Rebound, you are not skinny, and you are no Tim Duncan. But, the women of San Antonio won’t despair.”

It seems neither will Barkley. “I’m gonna have fun on TV,” he said to his critics on Sunday. “If you’re all waiting for me to apologize, hell’s gonna freeze over… Churros on the house!”