Sidney Crosby (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

[UPDATE: Lundqvist did get fined. Read the update here.]

Punching someone in the face, no problem. Maybe a little kick to the groin, that’s okay. But squirting water on another player, now that’s crossing the line! Well, at least in one of the two incidents that occurred over the weekend.

The Boston Bruins’ Shawn Thornton explained he “got caught up in the moment” and squeezed some water on the Montreal Canadiens’ P.K. Subban from the bench while Subban skated by during the third period of Saturday night’s game, the Boston Globe reports. The NHL’s Department of Player Safety fined Thorton the maximum of $2,820.52 for the incident, which the organization judged as “unsportsmanlike conduct.” Boston won, 4-2.

New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, however, doesn’t yet owe money to anyone despite that he gave the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby a drinking-water shower on Sunday during a scrum near the goal.


And some don’t expect Lundqvist will get fined.

Why? Maybe because, unlike Thorton, who squirted the water during play, Lundqvist’s H2o incident didn’t interfere with the game. Plus, Crosby sort of asked for it. Right before he got doused, he hit the Rangers’ Dominic Moore where the sun doesn’t shine with his stick. The Rangers won, 3-1.

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