(John G. Mabanglo/EPA)

The ’80s brought us a lot of awesome stuff, but one of the most memorable was WHAM!, the George Michael-led pop group that introduced the world to the sexiest alto saxophone riff of all time via the sultry ballad “Careless Whisper.” So, clearly, it makes sense that a baseball player would want to use that ditty to pump himself up to hit a home run.

Are you ready for some baseball?! Josh Reddick was. He hit a triple, walked and dropped down a bunt single to help the A’s win 5-4 over the Chicago White Sox on Monday.

As to how his teammates took to Reddick’s new walk-up song? A’s reliever Sean Doolittle told Inside the A’s, “I hope it’s not just a passing phase. When it came on, we were all singing it in the bullpen.”

And teammate Josh Donaldson added: “I liked it. I think we all did.”

(H/t: USA Today)