(Gene J. Puskar/AP)

Well, the analysts were wrong. Henrik Lundqvist will have to pay a fine for blatantly squirting water on Sidney Crosby during a brawl on Sunday, the NHL said late on Monday. Many assumed the New York Rangers goalie would escape paying for his H20 assault on the Pittsburgh Penguins captain because the incident did not occur during game play, but while the clock was stopped instead.

(Via The Pens Blog)

Nope. Lundqvist got fined $5,000 anyway for “unsportsmanlike conduct,” which is the maximum amount allowed in accordance with his salary.

On Sunday, Shawn Thornton was fined $2,820.52 for the same violation. The Boston Bruins star, who makes less per year than Lundqvist, squirted water on the Montreal Canadiens’ P.K. Subban as he skated by during Game 5 of their playoff series.

Hockey fans on social media offered mixed reactions to the Lundqvist’s fine depending on their team allegiance. Others, however, continued to point out the bizarre criteria of what the NHL considers “unsportsmanlike”…