Shaquille O’Neal can play basketball, he can commentate, he can sell lotion, and now he can write children’s books. The 7-foot ex-Los Angeles Laker will write a series called “Little Shaq” to be published by Bloomsbury starting next year, USA Today reports. O’Neal said in statement via USA Today:

“I am excited to be working with Bloomsbury on this project that will reach young, independent readers… Education is a cause that is very important to me and I love that this series will combine reading with my love of basketball. It’s a slam dunk for literacy!”

The series’ will follow the adventures of Little Shaq, obviously, and his cousin Barry. (Although, we wish it was Cousin Terio.)

Shaq isn’t the first professional athlete, however, to trade the ball in for a pen. These five athletes have, too:

  • Dennis Rodman wrote “Dennis the Wild Bull,” where he taught it wasn’t just OK to be different, but great.
  • Tiki Barber wrote “By My Brother’s Side,” which chronicles twins who stick by each other after one gets in an accident.
  • George Foreman wrote “Let George Do It!” in which five brothers named George prepare for Big George’s birthday party.
  • Terrell Owens wrote “Little T Learns to Share (T.O.’s Time Outs),” which is all about, well, learning how to share.
  • Alex Rodriguez co-wrote “Out of the Ballpark,” which tells the story about little A-Rod’s dreams of playing in the Big Leagues.