Joe Namath,with his daughter, at the Super Bowl. (Reuters)

The greatest New York Jet of all has an opinion on who should be the starting quarterback for his former team this fall.

There’s no question that Michael Vick, and not Geno Smith, should be the starting quarterback this fall.

“If Mike’s healthy I think he’s the better player at this point,” Namath said (via the New York Daily News) at the United Way of New York City’s Gridiron Gala. “Geno’s got some talent no doubt, but we’ve already seen Michael and what he can do. And having some knowledge of Marty’s [Mornhinweg] offense, I think that’s an advantage too for Michael to make the transition.”

Key words: “if Mike’s healthy.” Vick’s playing time has been diminished by injuries and ineffectiveness over the last two seasons, but the plan is for him to push Smith, who started all 16 games as a rookie last year, in training camp. Vick may have an edge because of his experience with Mornhinweg in Philadelphia.

“Of course, the coaches are going to decide who’s out there,” Namath said. “But boy, I don’t know any football fan that’s been around for the last nine or 10 years that doesn’t think Michael could be outstanding and is probably the best player at this time.”