Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods (shown last fall) are both recovering from injury (Darron Cummings / AP)

While his ex-wife is giving commencement speeches, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are busy trying to get back to sports.

Woods is rehabbing from back surgery and Vonn is doing the same after having knee surgery.

“Rehab is not a fun thing to do — it’s very monotonous and tedious and a lot of the same exercises over and over and over,” Vonn told the Associated Press. “But if you’re going through rehab, it’s nice to have a partner to do this with … someone who relates to your situation and that you can talk to, rehab and train together.”

It’s tempting, she admitted, to turn it into a competition, but that wouldn’t be healthy because each is at a different place in recovery.

“We remind ourselves not to push it too hard and to ask, ‘How are you feeling?’” Vonn, who was forced to miss the Sochi Winter Olympics, said. “He knows I’m in pain and I know he’s in pain. We understand each other. It’s different when you’re both experiencing it at the same time, even though they’re two completely different injuries.”

Vonn tore two ligaments in her right knee in February 2013 and was re-injured in November. Woods underwent a microdiscectomy to relieve pain from a pinched nerve last month. While they’re rehabbing, they’re also hanging out with Woods’s two kids and his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren“It does help to rehab with Lindsey,” he wrote on his website, “but her programs are much further along than mine. That does help when you’re not the only one suffering.”