(L.M. Otero / AP)

Les Miles might want to high-tail it out of Texas now.

The LSU coach, speaking at a Tiger Tour stop in Houston, couldn’t resist bringing up the fact that the Tigers had nine players drafted into the NFL last week.

“Some schools in this state didn’t have any,” he said (via Nola.com).

And, by “some schools,” he means the University of Texas, which had zero —  zip, zilch, squadoosh — drafted.

“It’s becoming a phenomenon for us to have guys put themselves in position to be drafted in three years and out,” Miles said “Not necessarily what I would like to see, but it’s something we are dealing with. We played 15 true freshmen this year, the year before we played 15 true freshmen and we will probably play 15 true freshmen again this year based on the fact there is going to be some great opportunities for guys to come in and fit into the two deep and compete.”