Tara the hero cat became a certified internet sensation when video surfaced of the 6-year-old kitty chasing off a dog that was attacking her human.

Now, Tara can enjoy the spoils of superstardom, unless, of course, it conflicts with nap time. Or snack time. Or grooming time. The cat who rescued 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo will throw out the first pitch Tuesday at the Bakersfield Blaze’s minor-league game. It isn’t exactly clear how the feline fireballer will accomplish this feat, but, given that the YouTube video of her amazing rescue has been viewed almost 10 million times (possibly by only 4 million people because it’s kind of mesmerizing), whatever she does is going to be enormously popular.

Jeremy is expected to join Tara (and may do most of the work), but this much is certain: This will be a purr-fect game, Catfish Hunter and Jim “Kitty” Kaat would, no doubt, approve and this won’t be Tara’s best save.