Peyton Manning spoke last week at an event in Omaha. (Nati Harnik / AP)

Elin Nordegren speaks at commencement, she cracks playful jokes about Tiger Woods. Peyton Manning gets his chance to address graduates and he throws footballs.

It’s important to play to one’s strengths.

Manning, speaking at the University of Virginia’s valedictory exercises in which seniors present class gifts and university awards on Saturday, called out some lucky people to catch a pass.

“One regret I have is that I never had a chance to throw any football passes here on this lawn,” said Manning, whose wife, Ashley, is a 1997 Virginia graduate. “So if you will indulge me, I’m going to fulfill that dream right now. I’m going to challenge three graduating seniors to catch a pass.”

No pressure, right? It’s not as if everyone has a cellphone and knows how to take and upload a video.

“If you’re nervous, I understand,” he joked. “Seriously, there is no pressure here at all. If you drop it, it will not be on YouTube, I promise.”

They fared better than the kids in that “Saturday Night Live” United Way skit.