(Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images)

The NFL isn’t divulging its plans just yet, but the 2015 draft is likely to find a home outside New York City’s Radio City Music Hall for the first time since the 1960s.

The league has been flirting with the idea for a few years because it would like to take it to bigger venues and to fans outside the greater New York City area. Now, MMQB.com’s Peter King reports that his gut feeling is that the draft will hit the road as early as next year.

King reasons that the NFL is growing increasingly unhappy with Radio City Music Hall and it didn’t help that Radio City delayed announcing its spring schedule, then told the NFL that the place was booked during the league’s usual draft weekend. The league moved the draft’s date to Mother’s Day weekend, a less-than-ideal date. Meanwhile, plenty of other owners and cities are jumping at the chance to welcome the event. Jerry Jones said he’d love to host the draft at AT&T Stadium and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has spoke to Commissioner Roger about bringing it to the Windy City, which has several possible venues. Los Angeles would like to host it and so would New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

King’s best guess is that the draft will be held April 20 through May 2 — in Chicago — but don’t expect a decision until this summer, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio says.