A kid in the stands was every bit as smooth as Mitch Moreland’s swing. (Kevin Jairag / USA Today)

The official record of the Toronto Blue Jays’ game Sunday against the Texas Rangers will show that the Rangers won 6-2, with Mitch Moreland hitting a two-run home run in the bottom of the seventh to snap a 2-2 tie.

But the best thing in the game occurred when Blue Jays third-base coach Luis Rivera tossed a foul ball to a young fan with a glove. The youngster grabbed the ball and then, ever so smoothly (like a preteen George Clooney), he handed it to a girl who was sitting behind him.

So very smooth…especially since astute observers will note that he also happens to have another ball, the one he snared from Rivera, tucked in his glove.

(Courtest Sports Grid)