Updated at 2:39 p.m. EDT

The Seattle Seahawks celebrated their Super Bowl victory over the Denver Broncos with a White House visit with President Obama and, as these things go, this one was pretty raucous.

The cheers were louder than usual, the “Seahawks” chants a little longer than the White House is used to and the one-liners a little edgier than most.

There was a Richard Sherman joke: “I considered letting Sherman up here to the podium today and giving him the mic,” Obama said.

Running back Marshawn Lynch, famous for touchdowns that register on Seattle seismographs and for his monosyllabic press encounters, skipped the trip, but the Legion of Boom defense was present in full force. “I’m sorry Marshawn Lynch isn’t here today,” Obama notes. “I just wanted to say how much I admire his approach to the press.”


The Seahawks brought a “12th Man” flag for the president and Coach Pete Carroll offered his version of a special ops unit to the Commander-in-Chief. “The ‘Boom’ is just a phone call away.”

The best moment, though, came when Obama asked General Manager John Schneider where he championship belt was. That drew hoots because of a certain photo of a shirtless Schneider wearing the belt.

And, no selfies, please. (Well, okay. Maybe one for Russell Wilson — sporting a new haircut — and Abe. Just none with the current president, mkay?)