On the real golf course, sometimes things don’t always go Bubba Watson’s way. (Richard Heathcote / Getty Images)

Bubba Watson has another title to add to a fabulous collection that includes two-time Masters champion, hovercraft-golfcart pioneer, Golf Boys star, owner of the General Lee, and Waffle House devotee.

He’s now the master of the ridiculous backwards putt, starting on Mickey’s face on a tee at Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf at Disney World. The ball then goes across a walkway to another tee and finds, just like Bubba envisioned it. Naturally, he dropped a video, called “Backwards Putt Putt” on YouTube.

It is entirely possible that no one on Planet Earth has more fun that Bubba Watson and this would have been truly epic if he’d hopped in a mini-hovercart and Jetson-ed away.