(Ben Margot/AP)

Can technology replace your tennis coach? A smart wristband being developed by Smash, which is currently crowdsourcing money on Kickstarter to fund the project, may be able to do just that. Engadget reports:

“The wristband uses motion sensors to track many aspects of your swing, ranging from spin to your favorite shot types. Once you’re done attacking the ball, you can check your performance through a connected Android or iOS device — it’ll be clear if your volleys need more power, or your backhand is inconsistent.”

The goal, says the company, is to get the gadget out by February. A pledge of $129 can get you the finished product, but if you wait until the funding period is over, the price of the wristband goes up to $184, the company says.

So far, the gadget has earned about $20,000 of its $200,000 goal, with 43 days to go.

But whether Smash’s bracelet actually works or not, we’ll have to wait to see. At least it doesn’t seem like just another Power Balance. You remember those little rubber bracelets that claimed to use “holographic technology” that could “resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body.” Ha! Reading that, it’s hard to believe that anyone ever bought into that, *ahem*, David Beckham. Power Balance ended up having to pay out $57 million because of those false claims.