(Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO)

WARNING: This post contains a rather big spoiler from Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” episode. If you haven’t seen it, please click on some other piece of content on our fine site.

So, Sunday night on “Game of Thrones,” Oberyn Martell and Gregor Clegane squared off in a trial by combat, with Tyrion Lannister’s head on the line. The Red Viper appeared to have the win in hand and was mincing about demanding that the Mountain confess to his horrific treatment of Martell’s sister and her children. But Clegane summoned one last ounce of strength and scored the win with an impressive face-smushing move. Tyrion is doomed. OR IS HE?

You can watch it here. (WARNING: Gross.)

Anyhoo, this got us thinking about the best (worst?) cases of premature celebration in sports history.

Leon Lett drops the ball

Lett, the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive tackle, recovered a Buffalo Bills fumble in Super Bowl XXVII and appeared to be on his way to a touchdown. That didn’t quite happen.

Eloy Teruel celebrates on penultimate lap

The Spanish cyclist thought he had won the seventh stage of the Tour de California earlier this month. One minor issue.

Taoufik Makhloufi celebrates second place

The Algerian thought he had won the 800 meters at a race in Shanghai. Um, no.

“I know it, I totally know it!”

Actually, Jacob Williamson, you don’t.