Frank Lampard. (Andrew Yates/AFP/Getty Images)

Frank Lampard, the vice-captain of England’s World Cup team, confirmed today that he plans to leave Chelsea, where he’s spent 13 years as a midfielder. Chelsea had reportedly wanted Lampard to take a pay cut in a new contract, The Independent reported last month.

Lampard said in a statement via SkySports:

“When I arrived at this fantastic club 13 years ago I would never have believed that I would be fortunate enough to play so many games and enjoy sharing in so much success.

“The club will move forward, and as a Chelsea man I have no doubt that with the quality of the players that are there, they will continue with the success that we have all enjoyed over the past seasons.

“Whatever the next challenge is for me I will always be amongst you and have Chelsea in my home and in my heart. Hopefully I will get to see you all soon to say goodbye properly. In the meantime thank you for the memories and keep making history!”

It may not be too long, however, before Lampard announces his “next challenge.” The Mirror already reported that Lampard will be heading to New York City to play for a new MLS franchise run by the owners of Manchester City. That news remains unconfirmed, however, although it is true that Lampard has held what many say are promising talks with the new venture. The Guardian writes:

“The deal proposed by New York City, who have been set up and are backed by the Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour, would offer Lampard similar wages to those he currently enjoys at Chelsea.”

Lampard had been making roughly $250,000 per week with Chelsea, The Independent reports.