The Kings are ready for the Rangers. (Justin Heiman / Getty Images)

L.A. vs. New York? It’s so on.

Teams with “New York” and “Los Angeles” in their names rarely face each other in championship games and series, so savor the sweet savagery of the Stanley Cup finals that will pit the New York Rangers against the Los Angeles Kings starting Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

Pro sports arrived only recently to L.A., when the NFL placed the Rams and Dons in the city in 1946, and’s Neal Paine writes that:

Since then, the two cities have faced each other with hardware on the line just 11 times, including the coming Rangers-Kings tilt: four times in MLB, four times in the NBA and three times in the NHL (these matchups have also provided a few “Where were you when … ?” moments).

It gets a bit murky when one tries to define each geographic area; the Kings beat the New Jersey Devils in the 2012 finals and the Devils beat the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in the finals in 2003. The Rangers may be trying to win their first Cup in 20 years, but the Kings are favored. From Paine:

In the 10 championship matchups that have taken place between the two cities over the years, five have gone to Los Angeles and five to New York. The Rangers are hoping to break that tie over the next week or so, although the opening odds are about 3-to-2 against that happening. Then again, the Kings have kept things interesting throughout the playoffs, despite arguably being the league’s best team on paper. If that trend continues, look for a long, entertaining Stanley Cup Final.

In one of the places it counts — on social media — the Kings crush the Rangers. They do Twitter better than any other pro team around, but it’s going to take more than a remark about cargo pants (cargo pants?) to get under the skin of a New Yorker.

See what we mean?