South African long distance runner Bongmusa Mthembu gestures as he wins the Comrades Marathon. The annual 56-mile ultramarathon this year attracted over 16,000 runners — and one out-of-control vehicle — from around the world. (Rajesh Jantila/AFP/Getty Images)

A 56-mile foot race between the South African cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg already sounds treacherous. But add an out-of-control car to the mix and, dang, the Comrades ultramarathon just got real. It wasn’t the runners, however, who had to jump out of the way, but the race’s spectators, as a fast-moving vehicle spun into a highway barricade.

Yikes. The action, which occurred over seven hours into Sunday’s race, didn’t affect winner Bongumusa Mthembu, however, who finished in just about five and a half hours.

(H/t: Deadspin)