Dominic Moore had a big goal in a Game 6 victory that put the Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals. (Bruce Bennett / Getty Images)

The New York Rangers’ trip to the Stanley Cup Finals is filled with moving stories, like the way the team banded together to support Martin St. Louis after the sudden death of his mother last month.

And then there’s the story of Dominic Moore and his late wife, Katie.

Moore joined the Rangers last summer after an 18-month leave of absence to care for Katie as she battled a of a rare form of liver cancer.

“It’s been a long, pretty amazing journey, so far, and hopefully it continues,” Moore said recently. “I owe a lot to my teammates for helping me get through this last year and a half. I just feel tremendously proud to be a part of this team, especially amid the circumstances of going to the Stanley Cup Finals.”

Moore is one of three boys from Ontario who attended Harvard and played in the NHL. Mark retired because of injuries and Steve’s career ended with a concussion and neck injury after a hit by Todd Bertuzzi. Steve told Wayne Coffey of the New York Daily News that he’s living vicariously through Dominic.

“Sometimes I think about how much I wanted to be out there and why I am not able to be, but I am very happy for him, and excited to see him him living out his dream out there,” Steve Moore says. “I know how much goes into those types of successes — and how much he’s been through to get here.”

Katie Moore died in January 2013 and, as ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap tells the story of the Moores’ life and her death at 32, you’re going to weep.