Batista, aka Bootista aka Bluetista, talks to the crowd during WWE Raw in Washington on March 31. (WWE, Inc.)

First his name was Batista. Then WWE fans changed it to Bootista. Now, the pro wrestler whose real name is David Bautista, is known as Bluetista. And all it took was showing up to Sunday night’s Payback pay-per-view in a pair of blue trunks and matching armbands.

The new moniker began trending almost instantly on Twitter after Bautista Bootista #Bluetista appeared alongside his “Evolution” teammates Triple H and Randy Orton.

Bluetista, who reportedly will be leaving the company soon, and his partners lost to the three members of The Shield, who at a post-show news conference aptly summed up how most WWE fans (at least the ones I watched Payback with) felt about the rest of the pay-per-view.