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If the “well-placed” source found by The Sydney Morning Herald is to be believed, it seems former President Bill Clinton went into Hulk mode on a Swiss hotel mirror after hearing Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup. The Morning Herald reports:

“Bill Clinton looked anything but happy as he strode into the Savoy Baur en Ville hotel in Zurich in December 2010. The receptionists could tell he was irritated, but had no idea just how angry he was.

After closing the door to his suite, he reached for an ornament on a table and threw it at a wall mirror in a fit of rage, shattering the glass.

‘Clinton was fuming,’ said one well-placed source. ‘He felt humiliated and felt the decision did not make sense.’ “

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The reason for Clinton’s “humiliation” was because he was the honorary chairman of the U.S. bid for the 2022 tournament. He had spent two years traveling the world, campaigning with the likes of Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Spike Lee, trying to convince FIFA officials to bring the World Cup stateside. His efforts didn’t work.

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But now he may be getting a second chance, as Qatar’s hosting abilities have become increasingly concerning. The Middle Eastern country is now under intense scrutiny after allegations came to light, via The Sunday Times, that under-the-table payments totaling $5 million were made to secure Qatar’s victory. This prompted one FIFA official to say publicly that he would support a re-vote.

“I certainly as a member of the executive committee would have absolutely no problem whatsoever if the recommendation was for a re-vote,” FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce said on BBC Radio 5 live’s Sportsweek.

On top of the bribery scandal, which is currently being investigated, Qatar has also come under fire for its excessively hot weather. Officials have mentioned the possibility of moving the tournament, which traditionally takes place in the summer, to the winter months, although no decision has been made.