(Mike Marsland/Getty Images)

David Beckham’s fans probably shouldn’t get too excited. Although the BBC published an article called, “David Beckham hints he may resume career with Miami,” the 39-year-old most likely won’t. Beckham retired last year after a 20-year career. If he were to play again for Miami, which he’s aiming to start as an expansion MLS team by 2016 or 2017, he’d be in his early 40s.

Reality, however, didn’t stop Beckham from making some dreamy comments in the BBC One documentary “Into the Unknown,” which follows Posh Spice’s husband and three buddies on a 12-day journey that takes them into the Amazon rainforest. In it, Beckham contemplates a nearly impossible return (via BBC.com):

“Now I go to watch a basketball game and, when you are watching athletes play at the top of their game, it gives me that itch again and I want to be back in the game and I start thinking to myself ‘Could I play again? Could I go back? Could I come out of retirement and start playing again? … There’s never been a player-owner but maybe?”

The fact that the soccer star punctuates his sentences with question marks, however, leads one to think more along the lines of “maybe not.” But who knows? Stranger things have happened…