(Gene J. Puskar / AP)

NFL players may find their paychecks are smaller but no longer confined to the 17 weeks of the league’s regular season.

The National Football Players Association is floating the idea of paying players their base salaries year-round, Tom Pelissero of USA Today reports. Most now cut checks only during the regular season and the change, according to the NFLPA, would help them better manage their money with 26 paychecks.

Pelissero explains the reasoning:

Proponents of the plan say it would help players budget their money better, avoid high-interest “bridge” loans in the offseason and correct spending behavior that has been an epidemic after retirement. It’s an extension of the union’s initiative to focus on post-career transition.

But the plan has been met with some resistance from players who argue it unfairly punishes those who already know how to manage their money and want to get it as soon as possible so they can invest or otherwise use it. Any deal thus would likely include an opt-out for veteran players, perhaps after three credited seasons or upon termination of their contracts.

Union reps are presenting proposed resolutions to players during visits to all the teams. Change would require approval of a majority of the 32 team representatives and would have to be negotiated with the NFL.