(Danny Moloshok / AP)

The results of a new poll showed Americans were nearly equally divided on the subject of whether Donald Sterling should be made to sell the Los Angeles Clippers after racist comments became public.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll was conducted before Shelly Sterling intervened to arrange the sale to Steve Ballmer, but the results are still interesting. Forty-eight percent of all respondents said Donald Sterling should not be required to sell the team; 45 percent said he should.

More interesting are the breakdowns by race and age. Support for a sale was highest (61 percent) among non-whites (69 percent of blacks). Fifty percent of respondents aged 18-39 favored a sale; 44 percent of those aged 40-64 favored it and 37 percent of those 65 and over said Sterling should sell.

Fifty-nine percent of Democrats favored a sale; 32 percent of Republicans did so.