(Wilfredo Lee/AP)

Monday night’s WWE Raw was one to remember. And not just because Batistsa Bluetista quit and The Shield’s Seth Rollins surprisingly turned on his buddies Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to take Batista’s spot in the Evolution line-up alongside heels Randy Orton and Triple H. No, Monday night’s program, which aired live from Indianapolis, was also memorable for one of the most old-school trolling segments the WWE’s done in a while. It was, well… it was silly.

Damien Sandow, a heel who’s sadly become the butt of his own jokes, came out to the ring dressed in a Pacers Lance Stephenson jersey and proclaimed he was, indeed, Lance Stephenson. He proceeded to laud LeBron James as the greatest basketball player of all time then went on to blow in the ear of fellow WWE superstar Big Show’s ear. In response Big Show, who stands seven feet tall and weighs 425 pounds, knocked Sandow out with a massive right-hand punch. The crowd cheered. Pacers forward Chris Copeland, who sat ringside, politely chuckled. (Really, it was a little too soon, guys.)

Little did the Pacers fans in the audience know, though, the man they lauded, Big Show, would betray them later in an interview. When asked whether the Spurs or Miami would win in the NBA Finals, Big Show, who’s from Miami, revealed he’s a real-life Heat fan.

Meanwhile, amusing everyone during Raw’s live taping was the surprising commentary coming from the smark who runs the DiGiornio Pizza Twitter account.

The fans, um, ate it up.