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[UPDATE: David Price was fined an undisclosed amount for hitting David Ortiz with the pitch, CBSSports.com reports.]

David Ortiz had some words for the MLB and Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price on Tuesday. Ortiz is still angry at Price for beaning him in the back during the first inning of the Red Sox-Rays game on Friday. And the star slugger is even more angry that Price will not be punished, while Ortiz’s Red Sox teammate, Brandon Workman, who later threw a pitch behind Evan Longoria, faces a fine and a six-game suspension. The slugger said (via ESPN):

“I guess rules aren’t for everyone. I don’t think what [the MLB is] doing is fair. I think the rules should be for everybody. We didn’t start this up. I didn’t hit nobody. Workman didn’t hit anybody in the first inning. [Price] did. … I thought that the minute you figure someone hit someone on purpose — the rule says it right there — you’re going to follow up with it. In this case, it seems they ain’t.”

Ortiz said Friday after the incident that he believes Price hit him intentionally to get back at him after he hit two homers off the Rays pitcher in Game 2 of the American League division series last year, Sports Illustrated reports. On Tuesday, Ortiz’s fury remained steady as he indicated he’ll tend to Price on his own if the MLB won’t. He said (via ESPN):

“I’m not going to get hit again. Not by him. He did it on purpose. He punked me, and that’s very disrespectful. I’m a grown-ass man. I’ve been around the league a long time, and I know how to take care of business on my own.”

Ortiz did not go into detail about what exactly he meant by “take care of business,” but Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon didn’t seem too concerned. He told reporters Tuesday (via ESPN):

“For me, for us, it’s a moot point, it’s a dead issue right now… It’s unfortunate that it evolved into this war of words as it’s gotten to this point, although I’ve been subject to that in the past so I understand how that works. I would like it to just go away and let’s just start playing some baseball.”

Price, meanwhile, mostly brushed off questions about the incident Tuesday, saying he was “past it.” He told a reporter (via ESPN), “People are going to have enough to say. I’m over it.”

Workman, like his teammate Ortiz, however, is not. The Red Sox pitcher is appealing the MLB’s decision (Workman’s story goes that the ball slipped out of his hand accidentally) and plans to start in today’s game against the Cleveland Indians as planned, MassLive.com reports.