(Elsa/Getty Images)

The NHL’s mistake was almost some hockey fans’ gain. Over the weekend, fans hoping to score an authentic Rangers jersey ahead of the Stanley Cup finals tonight found one heck of a deal on NHLshop.com. Or so they thought. The “New York Rangers Reebok 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Premier White Jersey” was marked at just $63, while blue versions of the same jersey were marked at $184.95, Fox Sports reports.

When the NHL finally noticed its error — only after it went viral — the shop discontinued the item and canceled the majority of the orders, saying instead that it would fulfill only those order for which there were jerseys in stock (reportedly, around 250). NHL Shop customer service officials emailed those who placed orders and released a statement on Twitter Sunday explaining their case:

“Due to a pricing error on Stanley Cup Final Edition Jerseys on our site [Saturday], we are going to use our remaining Stanley Cup Final stock on-hand to fulfill as many of these orders as we can, based on sequence of order placed, for the two teams competing in the Final. All other orders will be cancelled and issued a $10 store credit as our apology for the inconvenience. We are fans too and regret this error. We hope you give us a chance to make it right in the future.”


While this might be a bummer for fans who attempted to order the discounted jersey, it’s been a disaster for the NHL from a PR perspective. One wonders, what really would’ve cost the shop more — fulfilling all the mistakenly priced orders or paying for the extra man hours needed to combat what’s now been deemed as #jerseygate on social media?