The Arena da Amazonia soccer stadium Manaus, Brazil. (Bruno Kelly/Reuters)

Not going to Brazil but want to check out the World Cup’s 2014 digs? No problem, says Google. The company launched “street view” imagery for all 12 World Cup stadiums today.

For example, here’s the Arena da Amazonia in Manaus, Brazil, the most out-of-the-way city to host matches in the tournament. No longer will you have to hope for an extra flight or sail down the Amazon to see it.

In addition, Google also launched street views of some of Brazil’s more iconic city blocks, aka its “painted streets.” Here’s Rio de Janeiro’s Rua Pereira Nunes, which shows off the work of the “Galera de Pereira Nunes” group, who, Google writes, has painted and decorated this block for every world cup since 1986.

Not pictured in any of the Google imagery, though, is some of the World Cup’s ongoing problems, including the unfinished sections of Sao Paulo’s stadium, which is set to host the kick-off match a week from today.

(H/t: TechCrunch)