(Associated Press)

FIFA requires any country that wants the World Cup to provide eight host sites. Brazil, the world’s fifth-largest country in terms of geographical size, decided to spread things around to 12 cities. By all accounts this has caused problems, as the country lacks the travel infrastructure necessary to support easy movement between the sites.

Now, Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes is voicing his frustration, according to the Associated Press. “We are a continental country, we are very big,” Paes said on Thursday. “We made a mistake. We should have fewer cities hosting the World Cup than we have.”

Brazil has spent $4 billion to build or renovate its 12 World Cup stadiums. At least four of those stadiums are expected to go unused after the event ends next month. Plus, construction delays — especially at the stadium in Sao Paulo, which will host the World Cup’s first game — have been well publicized.

“There was huge damage to our reputation,” Paes said. “When you don’t have everything ready, that is a big damage.”

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