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Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Pitbull and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte on the official World Cup Song,
“We Are One,” aka “The Wholly Underwhleming Song That Took Nine Artists to Write and Produce.” No one really likes it, and the Associated Press is reporting that Brazilians are upset that there’s so little singing in Portuguese on it (it’s mostly sung in English and Spanish).

JLo seems to think so little of the song that she’s not even going to Brazil to sing it before the World Cup kicks off on Thursday. Here’s more from the Associated Press:

Jennifer Lopez won’t perform the World Cup’s official song alongside fellow artists Pitbull and Claudia Leitte during the tournament’s opening ceremony in Brazil, FIFA officials said Sunday.

Soccer’s governing body said Lopez cannot perform at Thursday’s event as earlier planned because of unspecified “production issues.”

The singer’s representatives didn’t explain the reason why Lopez wouldn’t be joining the act. They only confirmed the announcement in an emailed response, saying “regretfully Jennifer Lopez will not be attending this year’s World Cup opening ceremonies.”

FIFA said in a news release that Cuban-American rapper Pitbull and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte will sing the official tune “We Are One” before Brazil takes on Croatia at Thursday’s opening game in Sao Paulo.

Here’s our best guess at what these “production issues” could mean:

— The song stinks.

— Stage not completed in time.

— JLo’s hotel not completed in time.

— Would rather not be seen with Pitbull.

— Protest over Donovan not making U.S. team.

— Saving best stuff for Qatar.