Looks good in a baseball cap. Sold! (Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports)

There are like 309 rounds in the Major League Baseball first-year player draft (note: this is possibly an exaggeration), so at some point teams probably just run out of prospects. That seems to be the case with the San Diego Padres, who took Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel in the 28th round of last week’s draft.

Manziel has not played baseball since his junior year of high school and has no plans of resurrecting his career now. But, according to MLB.com, the Padres basically said, “Eh, why not?”

“I would say in the near future, it’s probably unlikely,” Padres President Mike Dee said of the team’s chances of signing Manziel. “But if he ever put on a Padres’ uniform, it would be great. Who knows what the future holds? You never know.”

Manziel did once hit a ball out of Petco Park in San Diego while taking batting practice, and the seed was planted, I guess.