(Will Schneekloth/Getty Images)

When you’re driving nearly 200 mph around a track with dozens of other vehicles, it seems a bit natural that you may want to drop an F-bomb or two. I mean, really, NASCAR racing is [expletive] scary. So when Kyle Busch used some R-rated words while behind the wheel at Pocono Raceway, most people would probably choose to give him a break.

But not Joe Gibbs. The former NFL coach is now a NASCAR team owner and he was so unhappy with his racer’s potty mouth that he had crew chief Dave Rogers chide him mid-race:

“Hey K-B, got coach [Gibbs] here on my shoulder telling me and you both we got to calm down. Got to work together a little better here, and use better language on the radio.”

Busch, who finished at a respectable third place, replied, “If I had faster cars, I could be a happier person.”

(H/t: Fox Sports)