Updated with United’s response

Sometimes, it’s comforting to know that celebrities and sports stars are just like you and me.

Rory McIlroy flew out of Newark, destined for Dublin, after finishing in a 23rd-place tie at the U.S. Open and, to his dismay, he discovered that his tools had not arrived with him. Now, we could ask why he didn’t buy them the seat next to him, why he’s flying commercial, why United didn’t notice that McIlroy’s golf clubs are kind of a big deal and why he doesn’t just get some new ones, but, really, all that’s beside the point. Airline travel is just a horrendous experience these days — even for a big-time athlete like McIroy.

On Tuesday morning, he politely asked @United just where the clubs might be, given that he does “sort of need them this week” in the Irish Open.

Annika Sorenstam helpfully stepped up with an offer:

After McIlroy’s tweet started generating headlines, United responded to McIlroy: