LeBron James contemplates his future. (Alex Trautwig / Getty Images)

No sooner had the news broken that LeBron James would opt out of his contract than the matchmaking had begun … which means that the name of Kobe Bryant had surfaced.

The Los Angeles Lakers, like seemingly every other team that would like to carve out room for him, hope to meet with James, who will be a free agent July 1. The Lakers, though, are moving ahead cautiously, according to the Los Angeles Times, because, among other reasons, James may simply re-sign with the Heat.

L.A. also is interested in Carmelo Anthony, who is expected to opt out of his contract with the New York Knicks, Mike Bresnahan reports, but James would be the Lakers’ first preference.

The Lakers would have to do some fancy ciphering to get a deal done. Kobe Bryant is due to make $23.5 million and Steve Nash $9.7 million next season, with the salary cap projected at about $63 million.