(Associated Press)

The big awwwwww moment of Thursday night’s NBA draft came between the 15th and 16th picks, when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took the stage too announce that the league was “drafting” Baylor’s Isaiah Austin, whose playing career ended after doctors discovered he has Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the heart, during pre-draft physicals.

Austin was expected to be a first-round pick before his career-ending diagnosis, but he still got the chance to take the stage in New York, hug Silver and hang out with the other prospects.

“For Commissioner Silver to even invite me here was a tremendous blessing and it just shows how much class that man has,” Austin said, per the Associated Press. “It’s really been a tough week for me, and it’s been really rough. I’ve just had a tremendous amount of support from everybody around the world, telling me they’re praying for me and everything. I can’t thank everybody enough.”

Just about everyone gave the gesture a thumbs-up.

And it looks as if Austin’s basketball career won’t be ending anytime soon, even if his playing career is.