Italian Sacha Modolo of team Lampre Merida raises his arm after crossing the finish line to win the 5th stage, a 183.6 km race from Ossingen to Bueren an der Aare, at the 78th Tour de Suisse last month. (Keystone,Jean-Christophe Bott/Associated Press)

The peloton in a bicycle race always looks like a crazy place to be, with dozens of cyclists inches away from each other and crashes seemingly inevitable. It looks even crazier in major races, where cyclists are going that much faster. But there’s little crazier to contemplate than being in a pack of cyclists engaging in a furious sprint to the finish line of a major race. A show called “inCycle,” produced by the Sky satellite channel, recently took viewers inside such a tightly packed sprint. It asked teams participating in the prestigious Tour de Suisse to mount small cameras on some of their bikes. The cameras could either go under the saddle and face backwards, or go on the handlebars and give viewers something of a cyclist’s-eye view of the race. The show then released footage of the sprint finish of Stage 5 of the Tour de Suisse. Even if you don’t care much about cycling, it’s fairly riveting stuff: And here is a video showing some of the process of getting that footage, with interviews with some of the cyclists involved:

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